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The Five Steps to Creating a Culture of Performance in your Organization

Some organizations have a “culture of performance.” That is, they win. Consistently.

If You Want Your Organization to Fail, Focus on Results

Many organizations believe that they can mandate outcomes.

Thou Shalt Be Engaged! Why Employee Engagement Is a Behavior Change That Comes From Within

Senior leaders seem not to understand that anything that requires a behavior change on the part of employees is not a good target for such strategies.

Cracking the Code on a Few Key Business Terms

The nomenclature of business terms is both general and industry specific. It can be hard for employees in one industry to speak to others in a non-competing industry when specific technical terms and acronyms are distributed.

How Key Performance Activities Are Different From Key Performance Indicators and Why That’s Important

Most organizations that create a strong vision and compelling strategy on paper will fail to implement it.

Why Your Organization Isn’t Aligned to Perform

As a young 19 year old I left home and found myself in the completely unfamiliar land of Thailand.

Want to Win? Make Work Feel Like Play

Some of us are having more fun at work than others.

The Irony of Discipline: A Note to Leaders or Those Who Would Like to Be

The seminal book, Discipline of Market Leaders suggests that to be successful an organization cannot be all things to all people.

Is Your Organization Horrible at Holding People Accountable?

If there is anything that is more talked about and less actually done about than accountability in virtually every organization I know of, I’d like to know what it is. Truth is, holding people accountable, including oneself, is just plain hard.

Is it I? Am I a Wildcard CEO?

The goals are set, the teams have identified their key performance activities, scoreboards are up, the organization is aligned, everyone is excited! Things are great, right? Well, maybe not.

Your Communication Doesn’t Suck, Your Alignment Does

I have yet to work with a senior management team that when asked doesn’t identify communication weaknesses as a major impediment to success.

Why Best Practices Are Not Shared Among and Between Teams

How can teams become great? We believe strongly that the label of great team has little to do with the current capacity of the team and much more to do with the ability of the team to learn together and increase its joint capacity.

How Working ON the Business is Different that Working IN the Business

Great leaders pride themselves on their ability to work in the business.

The Balance and Impact of Will and Skill

Personnel Performance is one of the most important phrases to assess for each player on a team, whether this team is for a business or sport – the outcome is the same.

Are You “Seated on the Bench?”

When each of us accept employment with an organization, we usually feel a sense of excitement, relief, determination and appreciation.

Do New IT Tools Foster Passion or Stress in Your Organization?

As Simon Sinek said, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we care about is called passion.”

The Impact and Power of “ism”

After spending four years as an undergraduate at a university studying both English and Economics, I was excited to leverage what I had learned through all of my courses after being offered a full-time professional position with an organization in the data communications industry.

Busy Doesn’t Equal Productive: Distinguishing Between KPIs and Goals

Is it possible we’re too busy to get anything done? Could we be reducing our productivity through the very efforts we’re making to increase it?

The Power of Small: Why Nano Inputs Lead to Macro Outputs and What That Means for You and Your Organization

The movie the Big Short opens with what is claimed to be a quote from Mark Twain (which it isn’t): “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so!”

Customer Servitude Has Replaced Customer Service

Organizations have improved their operations each year, with technological advances having a profound impact on both profitability and quality of products and services.

Is Managing Personnel Performance Worth the Time?

If your organization is like most, you don’t have a structured way to manage people and hold them accountable, other than perhaps a yearly performance review.

Motherhood, Apple Pie and Accountability

For the majority of people, hearing or contemplating either motherhood or apple pie initiates emotions and memories that are comforting and endearing.

Why Do Individuals and Organizations Behave Badly: Changing the Status Quo Bias

People don’t behave badly because they lack information about their shortcomings. They behave badly because they’ve fallen into patterns of destructive behavior from which they’re unable to escape.

Change Management Is Impossible Without a Process

I have worked with hundreds of high level business and other organizational leaders who desired to make a change in their organization.

The Biggest Communication Problem is . . . . . .

One of the most common frustrations within any organization is the “lack of effective communication” at all levels.

Why Your Way of Setting Goals Is Burning out Your Organization

One of the most common frustrations within any organization is the “lack of effective communication” at all levels.

Why Persistence Always Wins

Why is it that less successful people can’t see that it’s the things that successful people do that are different than what they do that makes the difference between success and failure?

Mistaking Technical Strategies for Adaptive Execution Challenges Often Leads to a Poor Culture of Performance

The argument has been made that the biggest single leadership failure is to treat adaptive challenges like technical problems.

Is There A “Recipe” for Entrepreneurship?

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, I was talking to a very successful venture capitalist. He said, “the problem with most entrepreneurs is that they don’t know the recipe of entrepreneurship.

Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Are Not the Same Thing. And Why Your Organization Needs All Three

Entrepreneurship and innovation, and now increasingly design, are often used in the same sentence, as if they are similar things.

Weak Leadership Often Results from This Frequent Mistake

It’s rare to find the leader that doesn’t know or doesn’t believe they should know what his or her organization’s strategy should be.

Congratulations! You’re a Failure! (And Why That’s Good)

Most of us have never heard our parents say “I’m so proud of the failure you’ve become.”

The Surprisingly Easy Way to Build Trust to Drive Performance in Your Organization

As Stephen M.R. Covey notes in his book The Speed of Trust, trust is an incredibly effective lubricant on the wheels of any organization’s operation.

“Aha” can Motivate Change, but “Voilà” will Validate Results!

I decided to listen to a podcast about the importance of effective sleep for my physical and mental well-being.